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Why Choose Korson-McGregor...

Korson-McGregor is one of the most experienced training and consulting organizations specializing in object technology. Our courses have been nationally televised by NTU, published in book form, and used within major corporations since 1986.

Korson-McGregor specializes in on-site training and mentoring of groups that require the best available expertise in object technology. Our instructors have trained 1000s and have over a decade of experience working with industry leaders in applying object-oriented technology. Our expertise includes both the management and technical aspects of the development of large, complex systems using object technology. We are also often called on to mentor small pilot projects.  To meet the needs of our clients, Korson-McGregor is continuously updating and developing new course material based on the blend of practical industrial consulting experience with university research results.   Korson-McGregor will also contract to develop entire software systems; or portions of systems in collaboration with your corporate development team.

Korson-McGregor's expertise in object-oriented technology is recognized in that our consultants frequently publish journal articles on OOT and regularly give invited tutorials and lectures at the leading international conferences on OOT.


Total Project Support...

Management Consulting
Project Mentoring
Comprehensive Training
External Audits


Benefits to our Clients...

Dependable Quality
a proven process that assures a quality product
a consistent approach across all phases and to all constituencies of a project
Customized Methodology 
experience in helping clients put a corporate OO methodology in place that meets corporate goals
Competitive Pricing

Korson-McGregor employs a conceptual, yet practical, modeling approach to analysis and design that results in extendable, adaptable systems.


Training topics include...

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Case Studies in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Introduction to Object Technology
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for COBOL programmers
Managing Object Technology
Testing Object-Oriented Software
Object-Oriented Databases
Object-Oriented Programming Workshops
Object-Oriented Design Patterns
C++, Smalltalk, and Eiffel
Class Libraries & Reuse

Korson-McGregor services are based on our unique blend of extensive experience in project mentoring, applied research, training, and consulting.


What Others Say About Us...

``The material on Object-Oriented Techniques presented by Tim Korson and John McGregor offers a rare combination of extensive applied experience and outstanding tutorial skills. The presenters continue to keep abreast of the state of the art and they incorporate this into their materials. Attendees at courses offered by Korson-McGregor will be exposed to an outstanding educational growth opportunity.''

Barry Peiffer, Supervisor, Software Technology Group, AT&T Bell Laboratories


``Korson-McGregor has a wealth of understanding of object technology. They present the concepts of object technology in a compelling and persuasive manner. Their teaching style is credible and effective.''

Calvin Wiese, Senior Vice President for Finance and CFO, AHS/Sunbelt Health Systems


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