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Class Libraries and Reuse in the Object-Oriented Process

Course Description

One of the major benefits of object-oriented technology is its promise of greatly increased reuse of analysis, design, and code. Much of this reuse comes from carefully designed classes and class hierarchies that are implemented so that they can be used by a large population of developers. This course details the general principles and specific steps required to build class libraries that permit and encourage reuse across an organization. The course focuses on both technical considerations and on organizational issues.

On the technical side, this course presents design recommendations which, if followed, result in maximally reusable classes. The role of inheritance, which is a major source of reuse, but which carries administrative burdens, is discussed in detail. On the organizational side, common cultural impediments to reuse, even in the presence of reusable libraries, are considered. Strategies are suggested that have been successful in encouraging a culture of reuse.

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to prepare attendees to effectively use class libraries to attain high levels of analysis, design, and code reuse. Upon completion of this course attendees will be able to:

Explain the distinctions between libraries, toolkits, and frameworks. 
Evaluate and select frameworks and libraries for use in their systems. 
Create a corporate class library. 
Deal with the challenges to fostering reuse within an organization. 


This course is primarily directed toward analysts and designers. In addition, programmers and testers would benefit from this material.


Object-Oriented Analysis and Design or its equivalent.

Course Duration

Class Libraries and Reuse in the Object-Oriented Process is a one day course.

Course Outline

  1. A Brief Comparison of Libraries, Toolkits and Frameworks
  2. The Basics of Frameworks
  3. A framework example 
    Frameworks vs. Components 
    Using a framework 
    Commercial frameworks
  4. Selecting and Using Libraries
  5. Prerequisites to large-scale reuse 
    Commercial class libraries 
    Corporate class libraries 
    Attributes of libraries 
    Kinds of libraries 
    Evaluation criteria 
    Class library documentation 
    Facilitating reuse 
    Motivating reuse 
    Obstacles to reuse 
    Implications of reuse 
    Benefits of reuse
  6. Summary

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