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Every Software Architect's course is developed following the best principles of educational design:

Each course is organized around a set of major learning objectives.  Whenever possible these objectives are stated in strong behavioral terms, i.e. the attendees will be able to evaluate, lead, direct, define, perform, design, code, select, avoid, etc.
Each chapter begins with a set of specific sub-objectives.  These support one or more course objectives and provide a logical structure for the chapter.
Each chapter ends with a summary of the major points to facilitate a review.
Quizzes are used in the course material to emphasize key points and evaluate the attendee's understanding of the material.
Exercises are integrated into each course to reinforce the lecture material.   Some exercises are brief to emphasize a specific point.  Other exercises are longer to integrate a number of concepts.  In all cases, attendees present their findings which are reviewed by the instructor.  Any conceptual misunderstanding is then clarified.


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