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Korson-McGregor will contract to develop entire software systems; or portions of systems in collaboration with your corporate development team. We have extensive experience using object technology to model, specify, and build a large variety systems. These systems range from financial applications to spacecraft control to 3-D graphic visualization applications. We work closely with clients to develop correct requirements and domain knowledge. We are experienced with:

Project Management and quality assurance techniques
Domain analysis and business modeling
Standard architectures and custom framework development
All types of platforms including Unix and Microsoft
The major OO Languages including C++ and Java
Distribution mechanisms including CORBA and ActiveX technologies
OO design and analysis tools including Rose and Object Architect
Notations such as UML
Methods including SASY, Rumbaugh, Booch, Objectory.
Web development & E-commerce

We have very competitive pricing, feel free to contact us   for a bid on your project.


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