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A Realistic, Commercially Robust Process for the Development of Object-Oriented Software Systems

Length: full day


The successful use of object technology requires far more than simply the adoption of UML, Java, CORBA or ActiveX. It is crucial to understand the process of how to use these notations and technologies to build commercially robust software systems. In this session the speaker draws on his experience at NASA, NORTEL, AT&T, IBM, and other leading companies to illustrate the pitfalls and best practices of the process of OO software development.

Attendees walk through the complete development process from use case development to pattern application and coding, Participants gain a clear understanding of the distinction between domain models, application models, and architectures. The course goes beyond notation and cookbook methods to address the key principles of Object-Oriented Software Development. A percentage of the time is spent discussing the rationale underlying each step of the process so that attendees will leave with an understanding of the fundamental software engineering concepts behind the specific techniques presented. Several case studies are woven through the presentation.

Intended Audience:

Anyone involved in building software systems including managers, analysts, designers, QA staff, and developers


Attendees will understand the phases, activities, and sequencing within a modern iterative/incremental software development process.


This tutorial has been given at Object Expo, NY; the 2nd Israeli OO days, Tel Aviv; COMDEX; Borland International Users' Conference; and on-site at various corporations. The tutorial is continuously being updated and improved based on feedback.

Author's CV (brief)

Timothy Korson is a senior partner of Korson-McGregor, and Director of the Software Technology Center at Southern Adventist University. Dr. Korson has extensive industrial experience in applying object-oriented techniques. Dr. Korson is co-author of the book Object Centers of Excellence, writes the management column for OBJECT Magazine, and is a frequent tutorial speaker at major conferences worldwide.

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