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To: All those that have requested our white paper on use cases.
From: Tim Korson, Senior Partner - Korson-McGregor
RE: Next use case column

Due to the unexpected interest the "Misuse of Use Cases" article caused, I have decided to handle the promised additional information a little differently.  My first plan was to take a previous use case white paper I had already written several years ago, update it quickly, and simply place it on the web.

Since the blitz of requests for the white paper, I have decided to do more than just a quick update.  Instead I will address the issue as a series of columns on Use Cases, paying special attention to issues that readers have raised, and lessons that we have learned over the last couple of years.

As soon as each new column is written and edited, we will place it on our web site and notify those who have requested to be on our usecase mailing list. This will allow you much quicker access to the material than waiting for it to be published.

General articles are available from:
Specific usecase information can be found at:

Thank you for your interest.


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